What is Good about Solar Tube Skylights?

Filed under: Solar Tube Skylights - 23 Nov 2009  | Spread the word !

Solar tube skylihgts, also called tubular skylight, collects light that is emitted by the sun and sends it to a special reflector and special lens that help direct it into a specific area. The lens is diffusing and resembles a glass fixture that is possible to be placed on ceilings. Such lens has either round or square type.

Solar skylights can be a good idea in case roof is deep or the space is limited and unable to fit for the standard, ordinary skylights. As a rule, typical solar light tubes are set up in rooms like closets and baths. When there is more space can make use of more than just one solar tube skylight. And this in turn means more illumination in the room.

Solar skylight can cost you pretty much. The cost comprising the cost of the gadget and setting up usually depends on the length and diameter of the solar tube. It is recommended to hire a professional who can do the job without mistakes. But if you do want to make it yourself, keep in mind that you have to be precise, first of all.

To set up a professional solar lightning will cost you minimum a hundred dollars. The gadget itself will make you spend several hundred dollars. Thus, it can turn out to be really stiff. However, this is a sun-powered lighting gadget will pay it off later for this kind of illumination is all-natural and environment-friendly.