The Solar Tube Skylight Cuts Down On Electricity Costs

Filed under: Use of the Solar Tube Skylight - 26 Jun 2012  | Spread the word !

The solar tube skylight brings natural light to dark areas of your home or your office. The major benefit of the skylight is that it reduces the utility bill. The lights work in a very simple way. The dome collects the sun light. The light travels through the reflecting tubes into the ceiling, thus providing the room with a lot of natural light. The solar tubes are the best option for bathrooms, closets, pantries or any other dark area. When it comes to solar skylights, there are of course many benefits. The tubular skylights emit more light than the traditional skylights because of the high degree of reflectivity of the mirror like light pipe. The lights are designed with a sealed shaft that minimizes the transfer of heat or cold into your home. During summer, the lights keep the area cool and in winter time, they keep the area warm by reducing the cooling and heating costs. These devices are so reliable, that manufacturers provide 15 to 25 years of warranty on them. 

These lights take less time to install than a traditional skylight. You do not have to make major changes to your home, specifically to your roof. They take little space on the roof. Nevertheless, the tube path must be clear so that the sun light can reflect through the tube bringing more sun light to the area. The tubular skylight does not fade the color of the carpet or the furniture. Many people think that the sun light damages the furniture. The skylight blocks UVB and UVC radiation that fades the color of the furniture and carpet. The lights work well in any weather condition virtually eliminating the need to resort to ordinary light bulbs.

With a little investment in the solar tube skylight, you gain so much more. The solar skylights increase the value of the house and will also help you get the tax credit from government. By using them in your existing home or office, you can improve the Eco-friendliness of your home or office space. Apart from the health benefits which are associated with natural light, it will also cut down costs on your electricity bill. Using them in the day is justified, but how about using them at night? You can use a solar hybrid lighting system. Use the sunlight during the day and an inbuilt lamp inside the tube at night. It is the best of both worlds.