Solar Tube Skylights

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Solar tube skylights are a much safer alternative to lighting our hour. These tubular skylights transfer the sun’s rays into power to light an entire room. It sounds really cool, right? But how do they work?

A solar tube skylight has four basic essential components that it is made up of including a dome, flashing, tube, and a diffuser. The sunlight actually enters into the dome and is carried through a reflective tube then it goes through the diffuser so that it can create a proper lighting effect so that is can light the room efficiently while not blinding you! The flashing is the component that is found between the dome and your roof to keep water from seeping through into your home.

Normally, solar tube skylights are round or square; however, you can now find some that are of rectangular shape. They are not too large but not too small and provide ample light to provide a large living room or a small bedroom. Further, solar tube skylights are perfect to save on the utility bills at your office. In addition, they can be used in a variety of locations such as warehouses, grocery stores, retail stores, schools (even the hallways), and many more.

These are also perfect for rooms that do not have a window and/or do not receive direct sunlight. It is probably the best solution to get sunlight into this room – not only will it save you money but it is much better for the environment.

Solar tube skylights are very quick and easy to install. Generally, it takes just a couple short hours to fully install one in your home or other location.

In short, there is simply no reason not to at least try solar tube skylights because in the long run, they will save a lot of money for your household and allow you to “go green.”