Solar Tube Skylight Kit

Filed under: Solar Tube Skylights - 21 Jul 2010  | Spread the word !

For many people, the idea of introducing solar power into their home is a ridiculous thought. This is because many people believe that the only way to harness the energy of the sun is from the giant panels that were introduced as the first solar solution to our dependence on potentially harmful energy production methods (i.e. coal, nuclear, etc.). This has led many to refrain from joining the green movement, despite the strain that modern electronics put on the power grid and the rising costs of energy.

Thankfully though, there are now many solutions to those bulky solar panels of the past. More and more people are finding that solar lighting tubes are more effective, both in cost and in their lighting capabilities. There are even kits out that can help alleviate the stress and strain of installing a full solar grid to combat energy costs on a building by including everything you will need and step by step instructions for the installation process. Many of these lighting solutions eliminate the need for a battery system while still allowing naturally bright light into a room.

A popular solar lighting tube setup is a skylight kit. However, these aren’t your typical skylights. The way they work is by collecting as much light at the entrance/top dome and then directing down into the diffusing dome. These produce much more light with much less surface area than traditional skylights. They can also catch and offer light in lowered conditions (nights with a moon). These lights are cost effective and easy to install or have installed with a starting price of around $150 and can range up to $500 or more with the installation materials included.