Solar Energy Facts

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Solar energy is widely used nowadays by people from all over the world. This is a renewable source of energy that can easily be described as very affordable and simple to use. There are numerous benefits that solar energy supposes, so there is no reason why it should not be used by all of us.


Below you can read some interesting facts about solar energy.

  • Solar power is an alternative source of energy that uses power from the sun to generate electricity.
  • Less than 0.1 percent of the energy used in the United States in 2008 came from solar power, even though its usage has increased.
  • Solar power can be used for electricity, as well as for heating.
  • Solar power can easily be exploited to heat homes, offices and even swimming pools.
  • Solar power can produce electricity with the use of concentrating solar power plants and photovoltaic cells.
  • The production of solar energy depends on the intensity of the sunlight.
  • Solar power can be exploited anywhere on the globe. Still, it is important to know that not all sunlight is created equal. This means that sunlight varies in intensity and duration in different parts of the world.

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  • The Desert Southwest is the area that receives the most intense sunlight, at least in the United States.
  • Solar power supposes a wide range of benefits. One of the most important is that it does not generate greenhouse gases when producing electricity.
  • Solar energy is renewable. This means that it will continue to be produced for as long as there is solar power.
  • Solar energy can help you save an important sum of money. While exploiting this energy source you will pay nothing on your electricity bill.
  • Solar energy causes no pollution. It can be exploited with no worries that will harm the environment.
  • Once installed, solar panels require no maintenance work. They can be used for more than 20 years with no need to replace them.


As you can see, solar energy is a renewable source of energy that anyone can exploit at home. One of the best things about solar energy is that its production is free of costs. You can power and heat your home with no investments and no bills. There is no wonder after all that the popularity of solar power is increasing each day.