Open Up Dark Spaces with a Solar Tube Skylight

Filed under: Solar Tube Skylights - 13 Jul 2012  | Spread the word !

If your home or office does not allow too much natural light to come in, you should consider open it up by having a solar tube skylight installed. This is a perfect alternative if you cannot renovate or redesign your home to accommodate more natural light, since such sunlights can easily be installed in every part of your home. This is a modern lighting concept that has significantly grown in popularity in the recent years.


The main reason behind this popularity is that it brings natural light into areas that are too small to fit normal sized windows and skylights or lack direct access to the roof. In the past, solar tube skylights were mainly used in attic rooms. However, as technology advances, they can now be installed in rooms of various sizes and types, since these tubes come in a wide array of sizes that can fit your every lighting and space need. Moreover, it does not matter if the tubes that you install are small, because the light that would be collected would be magnified by mirrors tubes and then spread out by a diffuser.

In this way, it will not matter that much the sun position, either, because you will be getting light even if the solar tube skylight is not in the sunlight at all time. If you want to go tubular, you should know that this alternative will also save you money. This is because solar tube skylights have no energy consumption. As the energy consumed by artificial lighting will decrease, so will your monthly utility bills. At the same time, tubular lighting is considered a green home improvement, since it reduces your carbon footprint on the environment at the same time.


Cutting down on artificial electricity costs is something that every homeowner wants, especially in times of financial crisis. Being environmentally-friendly is a concern for many people, too. With solar tube skylights, homeowners can now save money and go green at the same time, while still enjoying natural light–that is very healthy, by the way.

A solar tube skylight is made of 3 components:

  • the exterior roof top collector, which accumulates solar power and should be placed in a roof area that is accessible to sunlight;
  • the magnifying tube, which is made of mirrors that amplify the light;
  • the diffusing lens, which is placed on the ceiling and lights up your room.

When shopping for solar tube skylights, you should look for those who are made of these 3 parts. Naturally, they also have optional features, such as integrated bathroom fans, which are perfect for small bathrooms and laundry rooms where the lack of windows does not only inhibit light from entering, but also fresh air. The size does not matter that much, all that is matters is that the solar tube skylight provides you with the amount of natural light you need during the day.

The bottom line is that a solar tube skylight is great for opening up dark places where natural light would not be able to pass through otherwise. When renovation is not an option, a solar tube skylight is also the cheaper alternative, since anyone can afford to install one.