Solar Tube Skylight – lowering your overall energy cost

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Conventional skylights may not always be the best addition to a home and could even become a hazard during severe weather and other events that cause stress on the structure. The solution is quite simple, using solar tube skylights helps to focus light to where you use it most to provide light during daylight hours. Solar tube skylight models are also available with light fixtures which provide light during dark hours with electricity. These energy saving lights can reduce your lighting energy costs by a considerable amount, especially when your home has many dark rooms that need light during the day!

Solar tube skylights are easily installed and can provide strong natural light during the day with their special light capturing mirrors and lenses. They can intensify light even with clouds or placement in less than optimum locations. Conventional skylights cannot intensify the light and must take up a large amount of the roof and ceiling real estate leaving less area to place fans and various other ceiling necessities in your home. Solar tube skylights use a series of light intensifying devices that allow the light to be directed where you need it most.

Older homes can benefit the most from solar tube skylights as they can be installed wherever they are needed without altering the roof or ceiling structure much. That way the integrity of the home is preserved while allowing the homeowner to save on electrical costs in their home during the daylight hours to provide light for their homes. Newer homes can now be designed with solar tube skylights and are a great investment for any home design to save money in the future as well as provide clean natural light for your home interior. Solar tube skylights come in different varieties to suit any home!