Light Up Your House

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When it comes to providing your house with natural light, there are other solutions than plain glass windows. Plastic skylights are often selected as an alternative to glass because they are more durable, low-maintenance and low-cost alternatives to skylights made of glass. Acrylic and polycarbonate are the main types of plastic used to make skylights, which are usually fashioned into three different types.

1. Flat Glass Skylights


This is the traditional type of solar skylight, as it is tanked the most energy efficient. Flat glass skylights look just like regular windows installed in the roof of a structure. Plastic varieties often require little to no cleaning. They may be fixed, or have manual or electric venting mechanisms. They offer great light especially for rooms whose windows do not provide enough natural light.

2. Solar Tubes


The solar tubes are small, circular domed skylights mounted at the end of a mirrored cylindrical metal flashing. These skylights are meant to provide light, rather than views, and the mirrored metal magnifies the light they provide. This type of skylights are typically fixed in position, and far cheaper and easier installed than other varieties of skylights. Additionally, the skylight is made of plastic for its impact resistance qualities.

3. Dome Skylights


This type of skylight is fairly similar to the glass skylight. The only difference is the slight dome built in plastic. These are considered best for rooms that are not temperature controlled. They were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Domed skylights are not longer used because they allow greater heat fain and heat loss than other types of skylights. Sometimes exhibit condensation problems.

Solar skylights made from plastic can be moulded or cut into custom shapes designed either by a builder or homeowner. Such custom skylights might be required for certain angles of the rooftop, which might not accommodate traditional skylights.