All About the Solar Skylight

Filed under: Solar Tube Skylights - 22 Feb 2010  | Spread the word !

The newest product to hit the marketplace is the solar skylight. It is a combination of the use of a traditional skylight that is paired with silicon solar cells. The premise of this skylight is to utilize the energy of the sun in order to produce electricity. This electricity, using a special pipe, is then used to produce a type of electricity that can run a heater or cooling system that is heat driven. This idea is very cost effective and is a wonderful option for those trying to go green in order to further help our planet.

The physical appearance of a solar skylight resembles a venetian blind. It is constructed in a way in which cells are installed on top of slats and are opened or closed when more or less light is needed. These cells are what captures the energy from the sun. Along with the production of electricity, running heating or air cooling systems, and providing lighting at no cost, the solar skylight is the most effective at decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

There are a series of individual solar units that are placed on the roof that connect to the master module. This master module reads the weather conditions along with the building energy requirements and determines the configurations of the individual units. At this time, the units provide the energy the house needs based on the configurations required.

The solar skylight is a great energy solution and both saves the quality of this earth and your monthly electric bill. You can purchase a solar skylight through many roofing and building companies as well as utility companies. Use the internet to compare all the options available to you and start saving immediately!