Solar Tube Skylight – lowering your overall energy cost

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Conventional skylights may not always be the best addition to a home and could even become a hazard during severe weather and other events that cause stress on the structure. The solution is quite simple, using solar tube skylights helps to focus light to where you use it most to provide light during daylight hours. Solar tube skylight models are also available with light fixtures which provide light during dark hours with electricity. These energy saving lights can reduce your lighting energy costs by a considerable amount, especially when your home has many dark rooms that need light during the day!

Solar tube skylights are easily installed and can provide strong natural light during the day with their special light capturing mirrors and lenses. They can intensify light even with clouds or placement in less than optimum locations. Conventional skylights cannot intensify the light and must take up a large amount of the roof and ceiling real estate leaving less area to place fans and various other ceiling necessities in your home. Solar tube skylights use a series of light intensifying devices that allow the light to be directed where you need it most.

Older homes can benefit the most from solar tube skylights as they can be installed wherever they are needed without altering the roof or ceiling structure much. That way the integrity of the home is preserved while allowing the homeowner to save on electrical costs in their home during the daylight hours to provide light for their homes. Newer homes can now be designed with solar tube skylights and are a great investment for any home design to save money in the future as well as provide clean natural light for your home interior. Solar tube skylights come in different varieties to suit any home!

Using Solar Energy Into Your Home

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Making savings always is a great idea. You can save a lot of money at home if you know how to reduce your energy costs. From this point of view, exploiting solar energy is one of the best ideas you can have. How to use solar energy into your home is a complex question, as there are many ways in which you can easily go green. Below you will find some of the most important ones.

1. Solar panels


Solar panels are simple to install and they can be placed on the roof of your home, occupying no space. Solar panels are a must if you plan on using solar energy into your home. You will obtain heat and power that may actually help you achieve independence from traditional energy providers. No costs and no maintenance will be required for your solar panels.

2. Solar tube skylights


Solar tube skylights are extremely affordable. They are easily to install, too, so using them into your home is something accessible. When you use solar tube skylights, you can be sure that you will have solar light into your home all day long. Natural light is better for your eyes.

3. Solar lanterns


Solar lanterns are the perfect choice for your backyard. They are extremely beautiful. Actually, solar lanterns come in a wide range of models and colors, so there is no way you will not find one to match your tastes and your back yard. They are cheap, they have no wires and require no electricity to run. You will have your backyard lighted in a secure way, with no costs.

Naturally, there are many others ways in which you can exploit solar energy into your home. There are numerous accessories, as well as great systems you can use. Solar energy will help you save a lot of money, while enjoying living in an Eco-friendly property.

Solar Tubes and Skylights

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There’s absolutely nothing better than a sunny day! Oh wait, there is. A sunny day that helps illuminate the normally dark recesses of your home. In order to have that, you can install skylights. These are basically windows built into the roof.

However, typical skylights come with several problems. They are incredibly energy inefficient, as even a good, double glazed, low-e unit is a poor insulator. Skylights do not let any direct sunlight in during the winter and too much light during the summer, especially if they are not facing the right direction. Also, they are difficult to maintain clean unless the roof slope is gentle. Skylights are prone to leakage due to ice dams created because of heat loss around the windows.


All these problems can be avoided if you resort to a solar tube skylight instead of the classic roof windows. This is because a sub tube works differently than a skylight. Rather than being large windows in the roof, sun tubes are typically smaller, about one foot to sixteen inches in diameter. This is an obvious advantage because energy loss is directly related to the area of the opening, meaning that a 16-inch solar tube has an area about one third to one firth of a typical skylight.

Solar tube skylights are built with reflectors so that they bring light into the house even as the sun moves to a variety of different locations. Usually, they are set up to reflect winter sun optimally, but they can work just fine all year round. During the summer, sun tubes brighten rooms without heating them up like conventional skylights. Those who have stood under a skylight during the summer understand perfectly what a problem this can be. That does not help with the air conditioning bill, either. Solar tubes bring in the light, but as they are relatively small-sized and work very well, the amount of heat they bring into the house is very low.


Moreover, installing a solar tube skylight is very easy and you can even do it yourself. On the market you will find a variety of manufacturers providing solar tubes for both commercial and residential use, both versions being easy to install and very well made.

Another nice feature of sun tubes is that they can act like light fixtures when you need electrical lighting by installing a simple bulb holder into the tube. This may block a little of the light, but it is worth it in rooms where electrical lighting is something you really need. The only downturn to solar tubes is that they need to be installed in rooms directly below the attic or roof. This makes them ideal for ranch houses or upstairs rooms, but not for the first floor of the home.

Other than that, solar tube skylights are just great. They will save energy and therefore save you money on your energy bill. After installing them, you will almost never have to turn on the lights in some rooms of your house!

Save Energy With A Solar Tube Skylight

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Solar tube skylights are nowadays considered to be modern devices that anyone could use at home. They are a must when it comes to home improvement work all around the world. These devices can make a room lighter, but also a home more fashionable, eco-friendly and energy efficient. It surely seems that solar tube skylights can bring a wide range of benefits.


Solar tube skylights will bring natural light into your home. You can forget all about dark rooms and electric lights running all day long. Solar tube skylights are extremely affordable, being the best choice for people who want to make savings and enjoy solar light. A room that is bright and filled with natural light is more beautiful and comfortable for you. In fact, natural light is highly beneficial for all homes. Letting natural light into your home, as well, is a choice you are never going to regret. It is great for your eyes, allowing you to read a book in the comfort of your home without tiring yourself.


Actually, here is a list of the main benefits of solar tube skylights:

  • They are energy saving;
  • They require no electricity and will actually help you save on your monthly bill;
  • They require no maintenance;
  • Solar tube skylights are very simple to install by anyone;
  • They are affordable, so you can easily purchase them;
  • Solar tube skylights can be removed easily for cleaning;
  • They can be installed anywhere you want, including rooms with no direct roof access.


Now that you know which are the benefits of solar tube skylights, all left for you to do is to pick the model. So, you should know that there are many models of solar tube skylights available in sale. Choose the right one depending on factors such as cost, shaft length, roof aspect, but also room size. Make sure to consider decor and purpose of purchasing these products, as well, to be certain that you made the best decision possible.

Your home can also become more comfortable and much more beautiful easily. There is absolutely no reason why you should not purchase a solar tube skylight for your home. Chances are that you will just love it.

The Difference Between A Solar Tube And A Solar SkyLight

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Skylights and skytubes illuminate the inside home of building, but many people believe that slylights and skytubes are the same thing, although they aren’t. But understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both of them is very important, helping us choose the right thing.


A SKY TUBE uses a tube that transmits the sunlight from the roof to the interior of a building. It can light direct the light in the rooms that are not directly under the roof opening. A sky tube can be fitted with electric lights to provide light at night and dimmers to reduce daytime light transmission.


On the other hand, a SKYLIGHT is like a sealed window installed on the roof. It allows natural sunlight to directly a home or other building and offer light during the day, until night fall.


You also have to know that skylights are less expensive than sky tubes. Nonetheless, the prices of base model sky tubes are competitive. In the homes with a space between the ceiling and roof, installing a skylight makes the use of sky tubes more convenient.


Now, that you know these things, you’ll be able to make the right decisions in the future and buy the right things for your home.

CrystaLite Tubular Skylights

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Tubular skylights are very useful as they make your home brighter and more beautiful. There are many companies that manufacture tubular skylights, but CrystaLite is one of the best of them. CrystaLite uses the highest materials in the manufacturing process. The products of this company can be described by words such as ease of installation, performance and the capacity of withstanding the weathering effects of any environment.


The features of CrystaLite tubular skylights are the following:

  • Alanod Miro Silver 98% reflective light pipe
  • Aluminum trim ring and stress collar
  • No structural changes or paintingrequired
  • Standard kit equipped with 4 ft. of pipe
  • Water tight with unique condensation release system
  • Quick and easy installation for all roof types
  • High-impact acrylic dome
  • Seamless air-craft grade aluminum flashing

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    CrystaLite tubular skylights fit to roof types such as:

    • Asphalt, Tile, Clay
    • Wood Shakes
    • Sloped Roof (not available for 21″ kit)
    • Flat Roof

    Light Output:

    10″ Tubular Kit

    Illuminates up to 150 sq. ft.
    Equivalent of up to 300 watts

    13″ Tubular Kit

    Illuminates up to 300 sq. ft.
    Equivalent of up to 500 watts

    18″ Tubular Kit

    Illuminates up to 500 sq. ft.
    Equivalent of up to 1,000 watts

    21″ Tubular Kit

    Illuminates up to 700 sq. ft.
    Equivalent of up to 1,400 watts


    Diffuser styles:

    Soft White Diffuser
    Prismatic Diffuser (standard)

    Related to flashing and diffuser options, there are CrystaLite’s 10, 13, and 18 inch kits with forward sloping flashing that is designed for 2/12 – 8/12 pitched roofs. Flat roof flashing for for 2/12 – 8/12 pitched roofs and flat roof flashing for 21 inch kits are also available. For the 13 and 21 inch kits, curb mounted flashing is available.

Solar Energy Facts

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Solar energy is widely used nowadays by people from all over the world. This is a renewable source of energy that can easily be described as very affordable and simple to use. There are numerous benefits that solar energy supposes, so there is no reason why it should not be used by all of us.


Below you can read some interesting facts about solar energy.

  • Solar power is an alternative source of energy that uses power from the sun to generate electricity.
  • Less than 0.1 percent of the energy used in the United States in 2008 came from solar power, even though its usage has increased.
  • Solar power can be used for electricity, as well as for heating.
  • Solar power can easily be exploited to heat homes, offices and even swimming pools.
  • Solar power can produce electricity with the use of concentrating solar power plants and photovoltaic cells.
  • The production of solar energy depends on the intensity of the sunlight.
  • Solar power can be exploited anywhere on the globe. Still, it is important to know that not all sunlight is created equal. This means that sunlight varies in intensity and duration in different parts of the world.

  • Source

  • The Desert Southwest is the area that receives the most intense sunlight, at least in the United States.
  • Solar power supposes a wide range of benefits. One of the most important is that it does not generate greenhouse gases when producing electricity.
  • Solar energy is renewable. This means that it will continue to be produced for as long as there is solar power.
  • Solar energy can help you save an important sum of money. While exploiting this energy source you will pay nothing on your electricity bill.
  • Solar energy causes no pollution. It can be exploited with no worries that will harm the environment.
  • Once installed, solar panels require no maintenance work. They can be used for more than 20 years with no need to replace them.


As you can see, solar energy is a renewable source of energy that anyone can exploit at home. One of the best things about solar energy is that its production is free of costs. You can power and heat your home with no investments and no bills. There is no wonder after all that the popularity of solar power is increasing each day.

Solar Tube Skylights in Commercial Spaces

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Homes and offices are not the only ones that can take advantage of the usage of solar tube skylights. These can be found in commercial spaces as well. There are many reasons why more business owners should consider getting these skylights for their commercial spaces. In order to understand the benefits of these systems, you have to take into account the main features of the skylights.

Solar tube skylights facts:

  • improve life quality through cost reduction;
  • bring daylight from the roof inside;
  • inexpensive, easy installation, no maintenance;
  • no electric bill, no over heating.


Solar tube skylight features:

  • made out of a small clear dome through which the light enters through the roof into a reflective tube and ends up in the ceiling;
  • provide natural light, but does not overheat;


  • the light brought in is cleared of noxious UV rays and of other components that would end up discoloring your home items, creating mold and so on;
  • heat is not transmitted through the system;
  • energy and money saving is ensured through the fact that the system functions on natural light and not on electricity.


With these many advantages, it is easy to understand that the usage of the solar tube skylights for your  commercial spaces is a lot better. Here are some of the spaces in which these skylights can be perfectly added:

  • warehouses;
  • retail stores;
  • auto dealerships;
  • restrooms;
  • industrial plants;
  • farms;
  • club houses.

These are just some of the commercial spaces in which you can perfectly use solar tube skylights. Savings of electricity and perfect lighting combine for the best solution in business, as it will reduce a lot of costs and will also enable you to create an environmentally friendly commercial space for your business.

Light Up Your House

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When it comes to providing your house with natural light, there are other solutions than plain glass windows. Plastic skylights are often selected as an alternative to glass because they are more durable, low-maintenance and low-cost alternatives to skylights made of glass. Acrylic and polycarbonate are the main types of plastic used to make skylights, which are usually fashioned into three different types.

1. Flat Glass Skylights


This is the traditional type of solar skylight, as it is tanked the most energy efficient. Flat glass skylights look just like regular windows installed in the roof of a structure. Plastic varieties often require little to no cleaning. They may be fixed, or have manual or electric venting mechanisms. They offer great light especially for rooms whose windows do not provide enough natural light.

2. Solar Tubes


The solar tubes are small, circular domed skylights mounted at the end of a mirrored cylindrical metal flashing. These skylights are meant to provide light, rather than views, and the mirrored metal magnifies the light they provide. This type of skylights are typically fixed in position, and far cheaper and easier installed than other varieties of skylights. Additionally, the skylight is made of plastic for its impact resistance qualities.

3. Dome Skylights


This type of skylight is fairly similar to the glass skylight. The only difference is the slight dome built in plastic. These are considered best for rooms that are not temperature controlled. They were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Domed skylights are not longer used because they allow greater heat fain and heat loss than other types of skylights. Sometimes exhibit condensation problems.

Solar skylights made from plastic can be moulded or cut into custom shapes designed either by a builder or homeowner. Such custom skylights might be required for certain angles of the rooftop, which might not accommodate traditional skylights.

Top Benefits of Solar Tube Skylights

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Nowadays, people tend to consume a lot of energy into their homes. As saving is always a good idea, there is no reason why you should not try to save a little also when it comes to energy consumption. Using solar tube skylights is a great choice to save a lot of money, but not only, as there are numerous other benefits you will experience.


Here are some of the most important benefits of solar tube skylight usage.

1. They light large spaces. With a solar tube skylight you will be able to easily light your rooms. Regardless of the room’s structure and its dimensions, these products are the solution you need.

2. Enjoy natural light. In case your room is not properly lighted by sunlight, you will most likely have to use more electricity for artificial lightning. Natural sunlight is much better for the eyes, offering you more comfort. With a solar tube skylight you will always have natural light in your home.


3. Reduce the need for electric lights. When using solar tube skylights you will be able to enjoy lower costs on your electricity bill, as you will use less electric lights. You will also go green when using such a product.

4. A solar tube skylight fits even small spaces. There are numerous models of such products available in sale, so you will find them on different sizes and shapes, to fit all rooms and light all spaces.

5. They are easy to install. Anyone can use solar tube skylights, as their installation process is quite simple, while their costs are really affordable for anyone. After installing them, solar tube skylights will suppose no maintenance costs.


6. They offer UV protection. Most solar tube skylights models will protect your furniture and all the objects in your home from UV rays. These products are actually able to absorb about 99 percent of UV rays.

7. Solar tube skylight can be handled via remote control. So, these products will allow you to control natural light with the use of a remote control. In case the light is bothering you, you can use the dimmer feature to block it.


A solar tube skylight will bring natural light into your home easily. As it also includes a solar-powered remote control dimmer, you will actually be able to control that light as you wish. In case you want to read, you will have a perfect natural light to spend a wonderful afternoon in the comfort of your home. If you want to take a nap or watch TV, the skylight can be dimmed.

Open Up Dark Spaces with a Solar Tube Skylight

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If your home or office does not allow too much natural light to come in, you should consider open it up by having a solar tube skylight installed. This is a perfect alternative if you cannot renovate or redesign your home to accommodate more natural light, since such sunlights can easily be installed in every part of your home. This is a modern lighting concept that has significantly grown in popularity in the recent years.


The main reason behind this popularity is that it brings natural light into areas that are too small to fit normal sized windows and skylights or lack direct access to the roof. In the past, solar tube skylights were mainly used in attic rooms. However, as technology advances, they can now be installed in rooms of various sizes and types, since these tubes come in a wide array of sizes that can fit your every lighting and space need. Moreover, it does not matter if the tubes that you install are small, because the light that would be collected would be magnified by mirrors tubes and then spread out by a diffuser.

In this way, it will not matter that much the sun position, either, because you will be getting light even if the solar tube skylight is not in the sunlight at all time. If you want to go tubular, you should know that this alternative will also save you money. This is because solar tube skylights have no energy consumption. As the energy consumed by artificial lighting will decrease, so will your monthly utility bills. At the same time, tubular lighting is considered a green home improvement, since it reduces your carbon footprint on the environment at the same time.


Cutting down on artificial electricity costs is something that every homeowner wants, especially in times of financial crisis. Being environmentally-friendly is a concern for many people, too. With solar tube skylights, homeowners can now save money and go green at the same time, while still enjoying natural light–that is very healthy, by the way.

A solar tube skylight is made of 3 components:

  • the exterior roof top collector, which accumulates solar power and should be placed in a roof area that is accessible to sunlight;
  • the magnifying tube, which is made of mirrors that amplify the light;
  • the diffusing lens, which is placed on the ceiling and lights up your room.

When shopping for solar tube skylights, you should look for those who are made of these 3 parts. Naturally, they also have optional features, such as integrated bathroom fans, which are perfect for small bathrooms and laundry rooms where the lack of windows does not only inhibit light from entering, but also fresh air. The size does not matter that much, all that is matters is that the solar tube skylight provides you with the amount of natural light you need during the day.

The bottom line is that a solar tube skylight is great for opening up dark places where natural light would not be able to pass through otherwise. When renovation is not an option, a solar tube skylight is also the cheaper alternative, since anyone can afford to install one.

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